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Audiobook Spice (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Robert A. Webster
Publisher: Robert A. Webster
Best price: 19.95$, retail price 28.5$

After almost 30 years of searching, Ravuth at last feels hopeful. He thinks about the last time he saw his parents and mischievous younger brother: when they were herded off like animals....

Audiobook The Golden Compass: His Dark Materials, Book 1 (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Philip Pullman and full cast
Publisher: Listening Library
Best price: 35$, retail price 50$

When Lyra and her daemon Pantalaimon decide to spy on a presentation her uncle, the commanding Lord Asriel, is making to the elders of Jordan College they have no idea....

Audiobook Fox and Phoenix (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Michael Sun Lee
Publisher: Listening Library
Best price: 26.6$, retail price 38$

The king of Lóng City is dying. For Kai Zou, the news means more than it does for most former street rats in the small mountain stronghold....

Audiobook Chanda's Secrets (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Suzy Jackson
Publisher: Audible Studios
Best price: 19.95$, retail price 28.5$

Not afraid to explore the horrific realities of AIDS, Chanda's Secrets also captures the enduring strength of loyalty, friendship, and family ties....

Audiobook The Scavengers (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Sandy Rustin
Publisher: Recorded Books
Best price: 20.99$, retail price 29.99$

When the world started to fall apart, the government gave everyone two choices: move into the Bubble Cities... or take their chances outside....

Audiobook Worst Enemies/Best Friends: Beacon Street Girls #1 (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Cassandra Campbell, Emily Janice Card, Pamela D'Pella, Jennifer Betit Jen
Publisher: Listening Library
Best price: 15.93$, retail price 19.95$

After causing the biggest cafeteria blunder in history, Charlotte's assigned lunch partners - the very stylish Katani, irrepressible Avery, and super-friendly Maeve - can't wait to dump her....

Audiobook The Glorious Adventures of the Sunshine Queen (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Lorna Raver
Publisher: Listening Library
Best price: 25.2$, retail price 36$

Ever since the magnificent Miss Loucien gave up teaching to join the Bright Lights Theater Company, school days have lacked a certain... drama....

Audiobook Ashfall (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Kirby Heyborne
Publisher: Tanglewood
Best price: 15.39$, retail price 21.99$

For Alex, being left home alone for the weekend means the freedom to play his computer games and hang out with his friends without hassle from his mother....

Audiobook Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teens Talk Middle School: 101 Stories of Life, Love, and Learning for Younger Teens (Unabridged)

Narrator: Ellen Grafton, Tom Parks
Publisher: Chicken Soup for the Soul on Brilliance Audio
Best price: 10.49$, retail price 14.99$

Middle school is hard. Your bodies are changing, your friends are changing, classes are harder, and tough things happen....

Audiobook Darkside (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Colin Moody
Publisher: Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd
Best price: 17.47$, retail price 24.95$

Your home's been attacked. Your dad's in an asylum. You're running for your life. And there's nowhere to hide. You've stumbled on the city's greatest secret: Darkside....

Audiobook Ringmaster (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Adjoa Andoh
Publisher: Audible Studios
Best price: 18.02$, retail price 30.92$

Darcie Lock is inadvertently thrown into a world of SAS men, espionage, corruption, polo games, and fashion parades when her father is taken hostage while investigating an international smuggling ring....

Audiobook Howl's Moving Castle (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Jenny Sterlin
Publisher: Recorded Books
Best price: 31.47$, retail price 44.95$

On a rare venture out from her step-mother's hat shop, Sophie attracts the attention of a witch, who casts a terrible spell transforming the young girl into an old crone....

Audiobook The Year of the Rat (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Billie Fulford-Brown
Publisher: Dreamscape Media, LLC
Best price: 34.99$, retail price 49.99$

The world can tip at any moment... a fact that 15-year-old Pearl is all too aware of when her mom dies after giving birth to her baby sister, Rose, who looks exactly like a baby rat....

Audiobook Crime Solver's Detective Agency: The Beginning, Book 1 (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Stefanie Paige
Publisher: Victoria Schwimley
Best price: 6.95$, retail price 9.93$

Meet Karrine, a clever, witty twelve-year-old with her own detective agency. No job is too big is her motto....

Audiobook Set to Serve (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Anne Gill
Publisher: Kacy Carter
Best price: 3.95$, retail price 5.64$

Lauren is a junior high student with some challenges in her life....

Audiobook Kit's Wilderness (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Charles Keating
Publisher: Random House Audio
Best price: 15.33$, retail price 21.9$

The Watson family moves to Stoneygate, an old coal-mining town, to care for Kit's recently widowed grandfather....

Audiobook Swindle (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Jonathan Todd Ross
Publisher: Recorded Books
Best price: 19.8$, retail price 28.28$

Eleven-year-old Griffin Bing finds something far more profitable than cobwebs during a haunted house sleepover - a rare Babe Ruth baseball card....

Audiobook Abraham Lincoln: The Life of America's 16th President (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Pete Bradbury
Publisher: Recorded Books
Best price: 9.09$, retail price 12.99$

Abraham Lincoln was born in a one-room log cabin in 1809. It looked like he would be a simple farmer, but Abe loved books and read anything he could get his hands on....

Audiobook Fablehaven, Book 1 (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: E. B. Stevens
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Best price: 13.96$, retail price 19.95$

For centuries, mystical creatures of all description were gathered to a hidden refuge called Fablehaven to prevent their extinction....

Audiobook Wonder World: Part 1, The Other Side of the Sun (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Darren Roebuck
Publisher: Robert W. Williams
Best price: 17.96$, retail price 25.65$

Group of five teens that travel to a planet on the other side of the Sun. Follow their adventures as they befriend the alien walking sticks and explore this newly discovered planet....

Audiobook How the Beatles Changed the World (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Stephen Hoye
Publisher: Audible Studios for Bloomsbury
Best price: 14.95$, retail price 21.35$

Had the Beatles been simply the most successful musical group of all time, their place in history would be secure. But they were much, much more....

Audiobook Savage Drift: Monument 14 Trilogy, Book 3 (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Todd Haberkorn
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Best price: 17.49$, retail price 24.99$

Dean, Alex, and the other survivors of the Monument 14 have escaped the disaster zone and made it to the safety of a Canadian refugee camp....

Audiobook A Swiftly Tilting Planet (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Jennifer Ehle
Publisher: Listening Library
Best price: 25.2$, retail price 36$

Fifteen-year-old Charles Wallace and the unicorn Gaudior undertake a perilous journey through time in a desperate attempt to stop the destruction of the world by the mad dictator Madog Branzillo....

Audiobook Life of Zarf: The Trouble with Weasels (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Graham Halstead
Publisher: Recorded Books
Best price: 13.99$, retail price 19.99$

Shrek meets Wimpy Kid in this epically funny tale of a troll trying to figure out how to be more popular. It's not easy being Zarf....

Audiobook The Demon King: A Seven Realms Novel (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Carol Monda
Publisher: Recorded Books
Best price: 31.49$, retail price 44.99$

One day Han, who sports mysterious (and certainly magical) silver cuffs on his wrists, confronts wizards setting fire to a sacred mountain....

Audiobook Sharc (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Craig Beck
Publisher: Thorstruck Press
Best price: 19.95$, retail price 28.5$

Dramatic upheaval ensues when the world's largest prehistoric shark escapes captivity. Men put their lives in jeopardy to capture it....

Audiobook The Schernoff Discoveries (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: MacLeod Andrews
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Best price: 10.49$, retail price 14.99$

Harold Schernoff, fourteen-year-old science whiz and social outcast, has a theory to solve every problem....

Audiobook Winter Untold: Summer Unplugged, Book 3 (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Cheryl Texiera
Publisher: Amy Sparling
Best price: 6.95$, retail price 9.93$

When Jace accepts a job that has him traveling all over the country, Bayleigh wonders how their relationship can survive on random text messages....

Audiobook Fablehaven, Book 3: The Grip of the Shadow Plague (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: E. B. Stevens
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Best price: 13.96$, retail price 19.95$

Strange things are afoot at Fablehaven. Someone or something has released a plague that transforms beings of light into creatures of darkness....

Audiobook The Humming Room (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Leslie Bellair
Publisher: Audible Studios
Best price: 14.95$, retail price 21.35$

Hiding is Roo Fanshaw's special skill. Living in a frighteningly unstable family, she often needs to disappear at a moment's notice....

Audiobook Hostage Run (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Andrew Kanies
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers
Best price: 20.78$, retail price 29.69$

Rick Dial is faced with an impossible choice: save the life of his best friend, Molly...or save the free world....

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