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Audiobook Hydra (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Clifford Norgate
Publisher: Audible Studios
Best price: 16.41$, retail price 28.16$

Ben and Midge sneak out at night to investigate mysterious corn-circles which have begun to appear in the fields around Cansfield Farm....

Audiobook Europäische Sagen

Audiobook    Narrator: Peter Kaempfe
Publisher: Igel Records
Best price: 12.54$, retail price 17.91$

Dimiter Inkiow nimmt uns mit auf eine sagenhafte Reise durch Europa. Seine spannenden Geschichten aus fernen Zeiten führen von Skandinavien, England...

Audiobook Liar & Spy (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Jesse Bernstein
Publisher: Listening Library
Best price: 21$, retail price 30$

When seventh grader Georges (the S is silent) moves into a Brooklyn apartment building, he meets Safer, a 12-year-old coffee-drinking loner and self-appointed spy....

Audiobook Remnants of Tomorrow: The Ashes Trilogy, Book 3 (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Nicola Barber
Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
Best price: 24.47$, retail price 34.95$

Wren is in the last place she ever wanted to be: backinside the dome....

Audiobook Aesop's Fables (Unabridged)

Narrator: Walter Covell
Publisher: Jimcin Recordings
Best price: 6.96$, retail price 9.95$

Aesop's Fables are morality plays. They illustrate what was fundamental to Greek culture.....

Audiobook Alice im Wunderland

Audiobook    Narrator: Heiner Lamprecht
Publisher: Audio Media Digital
Best price: 10.44$, retail price 14.91$

Die Titelheldin Alice wird während eines langweiligen Picknicks mit ihrer Schwester auf ein weißes Kaninchen aufmerksam, dem sie schließlich in dessen Kaninchenhöhle folgt...

Audiobook Jake Cake: The Football Beast & The Pirate Curse (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Paul Chequer
Publisher: Audible Studios
Best price: 12.27$, retail price 21.06$

'I¿m Jake Cake, and these are my adventures. They¿re all true, but I bet you don¿t believe me....

Audiobook Ice Maiden (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Thomas Judd
Publisher: Audible Studios
Best price: 17.1$, retail price 29.3$

No one believes in fairies any more. No one goes up to the common....

Audiobook Stick Dog Chases a Pizza (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Andrew Eiden
Publisher: Harper Audio
Best price: 10.49$, retail price 14.99$

Stick Dog and his crazy canine crew have discovered a newfangled flavor - and it's even more delicious than hamburgers and hot dogs. It's pizza....

Audiobook Operation S.O.U.P. (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Judy A. Gill
Publisher: Tate Out Loud
Best price: 6.99$, retail price 9.99$

In this all-too-real story, J bravely confronts the heart of an old sheep farmer named Simon who has secluded himself high in the hills of a small country town....

Audiobook What Do Fish Have to Do with Anything?: And Other Stories (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Jeff Woodman
Publisher: Recorded Books
Best price: 13.99$, retail price 19.99$

Eve is haunted by her dead cats, Willie is not content to turn a blind eye to suffering, and Maria carries on lengthy conversations with a silent caller....

Audiobook Les fables d'Ésope

Audiobook    Narrator: William Fosse
Publisher: CaracoLivres
Best price: 7.97$, retail price 11.39$

Ce sont 39 fables choisies d'Ésope. Pour découvrir ou redécouvrir les célèbres fables d'Ésope, pour certaines d'entre elles revues par La Fontaine.

Audiobook The Adventures of Reddy Fox (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Tom Weiss
Publisher: Audio Books by Mike Vendetti
Best price: 8.55$, retail price 12.22$

Reddy and Granny Fox must outsmart Farmer Brown's Boy who is out to get Reddy for stealing his pet chicken....

Audiobook Holundermond

Audiobook    Narrator: Ulrike C. Tscharre
Publisher: Igel Records
Best price: 18.84$, retail price 26.91$

Wie verwunschen wirkt das alte Kloster im sanften Licht des Mondes. Doch Nele ahnt, dass hinter seinen dicken Mauern ein Geheimnis lauert...

Audiobook China's Long March: 6,000 Miles of Danger (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Bernadette Dunne
Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
Best price: 17.47$, retail price 24.95$

From award-winning children's author Jean Fritz comes the incredible true account of the Long March, a 6,000-mile journey across China....

Audiobook Loot: How to Steal a Fortune (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Michael Crouch
Publisher: Scholastic Audio
Best price: 12.95$, retail price 18.5$

On a foggy night in Amsterdam, a man falls from a rooftop to the wet pavement below. It's Archibald McQuinn, the notorious cat burglar, and he's dying....

Audiobook The Adventures of the Six Mischievous Leprechauns: And Robbie Anderson's Tree House (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Kat Marlowe
Publisher: Paula M. Ezop
Best price: 3.95$, retail price 5.64$

The six mischievous leprechauns are on pot of gold duty; moving the pot of gold from place to place. They were planning on landing in the wheat field near Robbie Anderson's house....

Audiobook The Secret of Weeping Wood (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Kris Dyer
Publisher: Audible Studios
Best price: 15.42$, retail price 26.43$

As the chilling cries grew louder, they fled. They burst sobbing from the haunted thicket and ran on till the cries of the phantom infants faded and they could run no more....

Audiobook Die Schule der Herzenswünsche (Ever After High 1)

Audiobook    Narrator: Annina Braunmiller
Publisher: Arena Verlag
Best price: 14.64$, retail price 20.91$

Zwei Freundinnen, die eine ganz besondere Geschichte verbindet. Die eine die Tochter von Schneewittchen, die andere die ihrer Widersacherin...

Audiobook The Darning Needle Dragon: A Tale of and by the Sisters M: The Sisters M Series, Volume 1 (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Daphne Toombs
Publisher: Sisters M Audiobooks
Best price: 14.95$, retail price 21.36$

When a messenger with an important package for their mother goes missing, the girls are sent out to find him with a stick and a wooden spoon. Defenseless, they face a rampaging dragon....

Audiobook Wright on Time, Book 4: South Dakota (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Darlene Allen
Publisher: Do Life Right, Inc.
Best price: 6.95$, retail price 9.93$

The Wright family's homeschooling adventure continues on to South Dakota as their RV hits the road again....

Audiobook Le cauchemar d'Halloween (Mort de Peur)

Audiobook    Narrator: Gérard Boucaron, Monique Messine, Marie-Madeleine Ledoze, Benjamin Pascal, Caroline Pascal, Jean-Claude Rocle
Publisher: Editions du Pékinois
Best price: 11.72$, retail price 16.74$

Il y a bien des façons de traiter d'Halloween. Mais celle que vous entendrez sur cet audio est unique. Vous ne vous retournerez plus jamais...

Audiobook How to Train Your Dragon: How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: David Tennant
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Best price: 16.04$, retail price 22.92$

In his 4th sidesplitting adventure, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III must rescue his best friend, Fishlegs, from the deadly disease Vorpentitis....

Audiobook Treasure Hunters (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Bryan Kennedy
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Best price: 19.98$, retail price 23$

Bick Kidd and his globe-trotting siblings may have completed their first treasure hunt after their father was lost at sea, but their kidnapped mother is still in the hands of nasty pirates....

Audiobook Trolle nach Süden (Trolle 1)

Audiobook    Narrator: Lorenzo Liebetanz, Matthias Haase, Annika Haßler, Rosemarie Fendel, Carolina Kertz
Publisher: WDR
Best price: 8.34$, retail price 11.92$

Fabian und sein Vater fahren nach Schweden zum Zelten, nach Ale Kommun und setzen dort, kaum angekommen, aus Versehen die Höhle des Troll...

Audiobook Bel Ria (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Flo Gibson
Publisher: Recorded Books
Best price: 20.99$, retail price 29.99$

This warm-hearted story by the author of The Incredible Journey recounts the adventure of Bel Ria, a dancing gypsy dog who is caught in France with the retreating British Expeditionary Force....

Audiobook The Mystery of the Star Ruby: The Boxcar Children Mysteries, Book 89 (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Aimee Lilly
Publisher: Oasis Audio
Best price: 8.99$, retail price 12.84$

The Boxcar Children have entered the Ruby Hollow Gem Mine¿s annual gem-hunting competition. With a little instruction and the right gear, the Aldens have everything they need to become real rock hounds....

Audiobook Rocks and Minerals: A Gem of a Book! (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: L. J. Ganser
Publisher: Recorded Books
Best price: 9.09$, retail price 12.99$

Rocks and Minerals is an in-depth look at the ground beneath our feet....

Audiobook Tesla's Attic: The Accelerati Trilogy, Book 1 (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Vikas Adam
Publisher: Audible Studios
Best price: 19.95$, retail price 28.5$

After their home burns down, fourteen-year-old Nick, his younger brother, and their father move into a ramshackle Victorian house they've inherited....

Audiobook A Possum's War Between the States: The American Civil War (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Melissa Madole
Publisher: Tate Publishing
Best price: 10.49$, retail price 14.99$

The North, the South, the Union and Confederacy, and brother against brother! Get ready to learn about the American Civil War....

Audiobook Tatort Hühnerstall (Inspektor Barney 1)

Audiobook    Narrator: Tommi Piper
Publisher: Der Audio Verlag
Best price: 7.29$, retail price 10.42$

Barney, ein Ex-Rettungshund, will eigentlich nur in Frieden seinen verdienten Ruhestand genießen. Doch damit ist es vorbei, als SIE...

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