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Audiobook Quite Honestly (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Suzy Aitchison, Toby Longworth
Publisher: Audible Studios
Best price: 18.02$, retail price 30.92$

Lucinda is a nice, middle-class girl fresh out of university, determined to 'repay her debt to society'....

Audiobook Paper Angels: A Novel (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Stephen Bowlby
Publisher: Oasis Audio
Best price: 19.54$, retail price 27.91$

When his mom decided it was time for them to leave for good, Thomas knew they better get far away or he'd come and find them....

Audiobook Cinq méditations sur la beauté

Audiobook    Narrator: François Cheng
Publisher: Audiolib
Best price: 15.98$, retail price 22.83$

En ces temps de misères omniprésentes, de violences aveugles, de catastrophes naturelles ou écologiques, parler de la beauté pourrait paraître incongru, inconvenant, voire provocateur...

Audiobook The 6th Lamentation

Audiobook    Narrator: Graeme Malcolm
Publisher: HighBridge, a division of Recorded Books
Best price: 24.47$, retail price 34.95$

Stories of wartime France, present-day England, a Nazi criminal, and a dying woman intersect in this elegant literary thriller.

Audiobook Life As I Know It (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Heather O'Neill
Publisher: Audible Studios
Best price: 19.95$, retail price 28.5$

What if you had the chance to live someone else's life? Full of heart and soul, here is a captivating novel about the choices we make for family and love and how sometimes a total stranger is the person we really need to be

Audiobook Nine Inches (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Adam Moore
Publisher: Whole Story Audiobooks
Best price: 32.84$, retail price 56.31$

Radio shock-jock Jack Caramac is used to controversy - but when his four-year-old son is kidnapped, he knows he may have gone too far....

Audiobook Nogales. Ein Edelwestern

Audiobook    Narrator: Sebastian Becker
Publisher: Action Verlag
Best price: 11.49$, retail price 16.41$

Sakenwah ist ein Halbblut. Sein Vater ist Häuptling der Mimbres-Apachen. Dieser sendet ihm eine Nachricht nach Nogales...

Audiobook Ballerina: A Novel (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Angela Goethals
Publisher: Audible Studios
Best price: 34.94$, retail price 49.92$

Stephanie Lang and Christine Avery meet in ballet school. Although they share the same dream - to become great dancers - they could not be more different....

Audiobook Eat, Drink and Be from Mississippi (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: T. Ryder Smith
Publisher: Recorded Books
Best price: 31.49$, retail price 44.99$

Leaving their sleepy Mississippi home behind, brother and sister Truely and Courtney Noonan head west. There they drift apart, only to reunite, as they lay down new roots in Southern California....

Audiobook April and Oliver (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Abby Craden
Publisher: Random House Audio
Best price: 35.93$, retail price 45$

The story of April and Oliver, two inseparable childhood friends whose existences again collide with the sudden death of April's younger brother....

Audiobook Bad Behaviour (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Marie-Louise Walker
Publisher: Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd
Best price: 27.97$, retail price 39.95$

Zoë is living a conventional suburban life in Fremantle. In Sussex, England, Julia is feeling nostalgic. These two women's lives have been shaped by the decisions they made back in 1968....

Audiobook Lost December (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: John Dossett
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Best price: 20.99$, retail price 29.99$

A heartwarming tale for the Christmas season, Lost December is a modern-day, Christmas-themed retelling of the story of the prodigal son....

Audiobook Trouble on the Heath (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Jonathan Keeble
Publisher: Whole Story Audiobooks
Best price: 6.78$, retail price 11.62$

A comedy of Russian gangsters, town planners and a dog called Dennis....

Audiobook Choices (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Eila Ulyett
Publisher: Sheila Hayford
Best price: 3.95$, retail price 5.64$

In this fictional short story we are introduced to Raoul, a young boy who was thrust into the decision making process at an early age....

Audiobook Forbidden Sister: Forbidden, Book 1 (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Amy Rubinate
Publisher: Dreamscape Media, LLC
Best price: 34.99$, retail price 49.99$

Emmie Wilcox was only six when her sister, Roxy, was thrown out of their New York City apartment. Now, Emmie is secretly obsessed with the mystery and imposed silence surrounding Roxy....

Audiobook The Killing Doll (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Mary Kane
Publisher: Audible Studios
Best price: 19.95$, retail price 28.5$

A young recluse, believing in the occult power of magic, will do anything to keep her family together as they grow apart....

Audiobook The Widows of Eastwick (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Kate Reading
Publisher: Random House Audio
Best price: 31.93$, retail price 34.95$

More than three decades have passed since the events described in John Updike's The Witches of Eastwick....

Audiobook The White Mary (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Joyce Bean
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Best price: 25.87$, retail price 36.95$

Marika Vecera, an accomplished war reporter, has dedicated her life to helping the world's oppressed and forgotten....

Audiobook Somebody Else's Daughter (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Bernadette Dunne, Mark Bramhall
Publisher: Penguin Audio
Best price: 31.5$, retail price 45$

A novel of psychological suspense in which a private adoption's dark consequences play out years later, at an elite prep school in the Berkshires....

Audiobook Racconti italiani del Novecento

Audiobook    Narrator: Moro Silo, Giuseppe O. Longo, Alessandro Gelain
Publisher: Il Narratore s.r.l.
Best price: 6.24$, retail price 8.92$

La pioggia di maggio di Moravia è la storia di un giovane che, innamoratosi della figlia di un oste, viene istigato dalla ragazza a uccidere il padre ...

Audiobook The Putt at the end of the World

Audiobook    Narrator: Jeff Woodman
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Best price: 19.98$, retail price 24.98$

Sex. Money. International terrorism. And, of course, the ultimate question- Can a compact backswing save the world?

Audiobook Going Home with a Cat and a Ghost (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Anne Johnstonbrown
Publisher: Judy Howard Publishing
Best price: 18.49$, retail price 26.41$

The opportunity to confront her lifelong question of, What if..? arises when her husband dies and Brad invites her to their 40th high school reunion....

Audiobook The Shattered Horse (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Napoleon Ryan
Publisher: Audible Studios
Best price: 26.6$, retail price 37.99$

Firmly rooted in modern archaeological discoveries about Bronze Age cultures, The Shattered Horse paints a vivid picture of a decaying golden age seen through the eyes of the survivors of Trojan War....

Audiobook The Contractor (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Ray Porter
Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
Best price: 13.97$, retail price 19.95$

George Young is a civilian interrogator at a secret facility for suspected terrorists. The work pays well, but his personal life is crumbling....

Audiobook The Duke of Demolition Goes to Hell (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Kevin Yancy, K. Anderson Yancy
Publisher:, ChicagoWood Media, Wollcott & Sheridan
Best price: 4.87$, retail price 6.95$

A man discovers that it was not his sins that brought him to Hell....

Audiobook Short Stories: The Thoroughly Modern Collection (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Harriet Walter, Walter Lewis, Roslaind Eyres
Publisher: CSA Word
Best price: 14.68$, retail price 30.43$

Twenty-three stories, all unabridged, from a diverse group of star writers and readers. A truly memorable collection with a wide appeal....

Audiobook Eiland in de wind [Island in the Wind] (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Lieneke Dijkzeul
Publisher: First Monkey
Best price: 11.86$, retail price 16.95$

Andreas en zijn zus Emma gaan hun tante Titia op Bonaire bezoeken.....

Audiobook Dreamer (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Paul Morey
Publisher: Less Than Three Press, LLC
Best price: 19.95$, retail price 28.5$

A faint memory of an unseen visitor, impressions that vanish upon waking, become dreams that leave Jonah exhausted....

Audiobook Art in America (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator:
Publisher: Recorded Books
Best price: 39.87$, retail price 56.95$

Art in America tells the story of unknown writer Steven Kearney, an aging man whose lifelong commitment to his art finally brings him to homelessness in NYC....

Audiobook Strange Meeting (Unabridged)

Audiobook    Narrator: Joe Jameson
Publisher: Audible Studios
Best price: 20.85$, retail price 35.76$

Things like this don't happen often in a lifetime....

Audiobook Ich bin alt und brauche das Geld

Audiobook    Narrator: Ranja Bonalana
Publisher: Lübbe Audio
Best price: 12.54$, retail price 17.91$

Job weg, Mann weg, Haus weg - und dann auch noch die Wechseljahre im Anmarsch! Charlotte fühlt sich vom Schicksal nicht gerade verwöhnt...

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